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Indian Wedding Videography & Photographer  Singapore

Everyone wants to do something special at their wedding that will etch the memories of their wedding days forever in your mind. And, when we are talking about Indian wedding we mean a big, multi-day affair with lots of traditions, functions and a huge list of guests. Another important thing without which Indian weddings are incomplete is the Indian wedding photography. An Indian Wedding Videography and photography is not just a testimony of the bond shared by a newlywed couple or whoever attended the wedding. In true sense, it is all about making lifetime memories that one passes to his/her upcoming generations with the help of photographs. 


Wedding albums are the source that helps us to cherish all the memories for a lifetime. Here at Vividcine, our wedding videographer and photographer are very much passionate about capturing every special moment of our clients. Wedding being one of the most memorable moments of everyone’s life, we try out level best to showcase its memories in pictures and videos for creating furthermore beautiful memories. We understand that many people hire services of the best videography to capture every best moment from beginning to end into the camera and we try to do the same. 


With our Indian Wedding Videography services, we put our efforts to do more than just telling couples stories on the wedding days of our esteemed clients. Owing to the creativity and passion of our teammates we have been able to uniquely tell each couple’s story with excellent videography. Moreover, we are employing various innovative methods, and the impassioned style has helped us to earn the trust of our delighted clients. Our clients treasure their memories in videos and photographs we capture so eloquently on film and camera. 


Our team understands that Indian wedding videography and photography is all about capturing the entire wedding in a detailed way. In Indian weddings, not only the bride and groom but all relatives and guests are given equal importance. It is all about music, dance, guests, décor & food, which requires detailed photography and we know it well. 


We are equipped with cutting-edge equipment, lens, creative and imaginative ideas with unobtrusive shooting and sleek, inventive editing. We have succeeded to create the fluid eloquence found only in major productions. In addition to this, we are also specialized in shooting from a moving car, a helicopter, and underwater also. 


Vividcine productions provide wedding videography in Singapore and various other destinations around the globe. For event photography and videography in Singapore, get in touch with us to know more about us and our packages to create lifetime magical memories together. We are always trying to document extraordinary love stories with simplicity, creativity and artistry. Moreover, we seek to deliver high-quality at most affordable rates through creativity, dedication and commitment. Our first priority is our client’s satisfaction with our products and services.


We, Vividcine are also specialized in pre-wedding photoshoot, Cinematic videos, which are also considered as integral and essential for couplesbefore and after wedding. Our experts aim to document the love chemistry of our clients in best possible manner. Most of our photoshoot sessions include completely unique photos that narrate the love story of our clients. Moreover our photos are such that they will make one laugh, cry, scream and feeling for the other.

About us

At Vividcine we are passionate about capturing every special moments. We love nothing more than telling couples stories on their wedding days. 

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Address:- 353 Yishun Ring Rd, #10-1740, Singapore 760353
Phone Number - +65 9487 9006   

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